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May 30, 2020

This page last modified:
March 21, 2001

Resource Guide Update Underway

by Pam Wingrove

University of Florida/Monroe County Cooperative Extension

Florida Bay Education Project

The Florida Bay Education Project is developing two services to provide up to date research and outreach information to South Florida on behalf of the Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Waters Interagency Science Program. The Florida Bay Research and Education Resource Directory and the Florida Bay Research Report are designed to make Florida Bay research information easily accessible to the residents of South Florida.

The Florida Bay Research and Education Resource Directory was first printed in 1999. Full of information on research projects, scientists and education and outreach efforts the directory is a valuable tool to educators, research professionals, managers or anyone who wants to stay up to date on research in Florida Bay. An update is currently in development to expand the scope and information available.

"The Resource Directory is one of the most popular and often requested products we provide," stated Carol Owens of the Florida Bay Education Project. "It is a quick, easily accessible and free source of information on Florida Bay." This helpful guide lists each research project underway, the investigators involved and the address for the principal scientist. Projects are listed by subject area including water circulation, water quality, paleoecology, sedimentology and nutrient dynamics to name a few. In addition there is an author index which provides an easy reference for locating specific scientists.

In addition, the directory includes a list of organizations that provide education and outreach programs that communicate information related to Florida Bay. Each organization's address, telephone, Fax and email identifications are provided. Details on the mission of the program and content are provided as well.

"We are getting very close to our cut off date for adding new information to the 2000 update," said Owens. "Our goal is to include every single organization that conducts research or provides an educational product or program related to Florida Bay." If you would like your organization to be included in the directory please contact Carol Owens at the Florida Bay Education Project office. The update is near completion so if your program has not been identified please contact the project office right away. The directory is provided free of charge to all that are interested but the supply is limited.

The new Florida Bay Research Report is a service being developed for those of you who prefer to receive your information on-line. When you sign up a report will be sent to you through your email account each month. A summary of one research project underway will be featured. The summary will include an interview with the scientists involved discussing the significance and status of the research.

In addition, you will learn which projects are actively collecting data in Florida Bay for the coming month. This information gives a sense of the real time status of research as well as the progress being made.

To sign up for the Florida Bay Research Report on-line, email Pam Wingrove with Florida Sea Grant at The report will come directly to your account once a month so you will not be inundated with daily messages and notices you don't want.

For more information contact the Florida Bay Education Project at 305-852-3592. Additional information on a variety of topics is available from the University of Florida/Monroe County Cooperative Extension Service, 5100 College Road, Stock Island or call at 292-4501; fax = 292-4415; email or visit our web site Our services are free and available to all without regard to race, color, sex, or national origin.

The Florida Bay Education Project is an archived site. For more information go to NOAA's South Florida Ecosystem Education Project at