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August 14, 2020

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July 15, 2001

Florida Bay Research and Technical Sites

Everglades National Park- Florida Bay Research Program (

Florida Bay and Adjacent Marine Systems Science Program (

Florida Bay Circulation and Exchange Study (
This site is desgined to answer questions about the interchange between Florida waters and the coastal waters of the Florida Keys.

Florida Marine Research Institute (

Florida Satellite Imagery - Current (

Ocean and Chemistry Division of Florida Bay Projects (

Seagrass Ecosystems Research Lab (

SERP Water Quality Monitoring Network (

The South Florida Ecosystem Monitoring Integration Inventory Project (

Water Resources of South Florida - USGS (

Florida Bay Sattelite Imagery - USGS (
As a part of the US Geological Survey's South Florida Program investigating water turbidity and sedimentation in Florida Bay and Biscayne Bay, USGS is developing quasi-operational products from satellite data for Florida Bay. The daily imagery and archive from the AVHRR sensor seen on these pages has been processed by the USGS using data originally collected at USF-Florida DEP Joint Use Facility.

The Florida Bay Education Project is an archived site. For more information go to NOAA's South Florida Ecosystem Education Project at